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Bulletin Announcements | 4.10.22

Sunday is a day of worshipful celebration. Give thanks to God for this special time together. We extend warm greetings to our visitors. May you be spiritually blessed as we worship the Lord together!

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Bulletin Announcements | 3.27.22

The church is the body of Christ; every part of that body is an important & valued member.

Are you a member of our Providence church family? We praise God for you!

Are you a member of another church family? We rejoice in our unity in Jesus Christ!

Are you inquiring into the Christian faith? We are glad you have been led by God to learn more about Christ with us.

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Bulletin Announcements | 3.20.22

Welcome! We extend warm greetings & love in Jesus to each one joining us in worship. We extend a special welcome to our visitors. May the Lord’s name be lifted up high by each of us!

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