Mission, Belief, & History

Revive Believers, Grow Authentic Relationships, Become Kingdom Witnesses

Providence CRC’s Mission:

Revive Believers – We seek to rejuvenate believers who respond out of overflowing gratitude for what Christ has done.  

Grow Authentic Relationships – We work at becoming a church where humility, care, vulnerability, grace and truth are core values that are grown and lived in every relationship.   

Become Kingdom Witnesses – We develop disciples of Jesus who see all of life as ministry, are generous stewards of time, talent and treasure, and gladly share their story of the difference Jesus has made in their lives.

Providence CRC’s Vision:

Providence Church wants people to experience the love of Jesus. We believe that meaningful connections create environments and opportunities for sharing the gospel.  

Providence will reclaim our tables by restoring our home and church gatherings into spaces where everyone feels welcomed and able to experience the love of Christ. Through our witness, we will extend our love into the community, to places and people, that stretch us beyond ourselves in the name of Jesus.  

Here is how Providence will advance Jesus’ mission to create a culture of community and witness: 

Our Lord’s table
Establishing the Lord’s Table as central to defining us all as sinners and in desperate need of a redemptive relationship with Jesus. 

Our homes
Establishing relational discipleship within your family so we grow up in living and sharing God’s grace and truth. 

Our church
Creating an authentic community that is committed to growing our witness and supporting each other during times of need. 

Our community
Fostering meaningful connections with people for the purpose of sharing our witness. 

Providence CRC’s History:

Providence Christian Reformed Church was formed in 1977 when members of another local church, Covenant CRC, took the initiative to branch off and start a new church body. Since then we have been served by eight ordained ministers including our two current pastors. We have also been served by five seminary interns at times when we did not have a second ordained pastor.

The first part of our building, the current Fellowship Hall, and some classrooms were built in 1978. In 1986 the current sanctuary and additional classrooms were built. In 2000, the congregation approved a renovation of the sanctuary, which included air conditioning, a projection system, and screen for worship. Then, in 2010, a 21,700 square foot building addition was built. This allowed for the expansion of Sunday School, adult ministries, and fellowship activities, as well as the addition of classrooms, a gym, and a Youth Loft.

A new Providence Church organizational structure was implemented in May 2005.  The new “staff model” is principle-driven.  Jesus Christ is the head of the church and Council remains the ruling body of the church. The staff model is based on the recognition that no one person has all the gifts to lead a church. The new model positions and staffs the church for growth in numbers, programs, and quality. 

​​Providence Christian Reformed Church is located in a suburban area with many neighborhoods and has been growing steadily in recent years.

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