Bulletin Announcements | 2.19.23


Please remember the following church family members in your prayers:

  • Glenn A
  • Jose & Kathy F
  • Paul & Christopher G
  • Kim R
  • Bennett VV
  • Linda VDH
  • Kyle W
  • Service members Josh P, Brian S, Steph W

Please remember to pray for & reach out to our missionaries. They are the Grimbergs, Lees, Martins, Neeleys & Spalinks.

Prayer Corner:
Hear the Father’s words for you & rest assured:
“Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him for he shields him all day long,
and the one the LO
RD loves rests between his shoulders.”
Deuteronomy 33:12

Sunday services are livestreamed on YouTube at 9:30 am.

In the morning, we will celebrate God’s promise in the baptisms of Jack & Theodore K. We will finish our sermon series called “God is Good,” listening to the Spirit teach us about the goodness of God’s grace through Psalm 86 & Luke 15.

In the evening we will continue watching & learning from season 3 of The Chosen. We’ll watch episode 6 (“Intensity in Tent City”) & discuss what it teaches us about living our mission & vision. This service will not be livestreamed.

Pastor Bob will be on vacation from February 20-March 6.

In the morning, Dr. Jeff Weima will lead us in the preaching of God’s word.

There will be no evening service for the next two weeks.


ADVANCE NOTICE  |  The annual congregational meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 27, to vote on & select new Council members and review & vote on the budget proposed for the new fiscal year.



This week Thursday, February 23, is Providence’s turn to pray all day in conjunction with the West Michigan Prays 24/7 initiative. If you’d like to claim a spot, please add your name to the list by emailing your name & preferred half-hour window to office@providence-crc.org. Even if a time slot has already been filled, choose whichever works best for you!

Sunday School & Catechism: We are OFF this Sunday. See you next week!

BIBLE MEMORY CAMP  |  This week – OFF  |  Next week – Proverbs 1:7


Providence has three wheelchairs in the building for any emergency needs that arise at church. We’re unable to locate one; if you know where it is, please call the office at 616-698-7930. We’re happy it can be used, it’s just helpful to know where it went. Thanks!

FALL CHURCH CAMPOUT  |  Deadline to sign up for the fall church campout is FEBRUARY 24. Please contact the office for more information. 

Ladies, join us Saturday, February 25, for a  Favorite Things party! Find all the details & sign up here

The Cadets thank everyone for their continued support through pop can donations! As a reminder, we have a convenient donation box next to the Paper Gator in our back parking lot & accept all MI returnable bottles/cans. Or, if you have a large amount to donate but prefer someone pick them up, call Jeremy at 616-291-9618. 

REVIVE  |  Open AA meetings are held at 7 pm in the loft on Mondays & Wednesdays. Enter via door B by the gym. Contact Ben Kloosterman at 616-299-6228 for more information. 


You are making a difference! On behalf of the ministries of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, thank you for your gifts to ministry shares. Your support enables congregations to do so much more to further God’s Kingdom than any one church could do alone. Our denomination could not impact the world through missions, media & church development without your incredible & faithful support. Thank you! To discover more, visit crcna.org/ministryshares.


Our heart health & mental health are more connected than previously thought. Having chronic stress, anxiety or depression can negatively affect your cardiovascular system, & heart disease can negatively affect your mental health. That’s why taking care of both is important. Remember to eat healthy, quit smoking, & keep checking your blood pressure. And if you’re feeling depressed, burned out or having difficulties that you need to talk to someone about, members of Providence CRC have access to a free appointment with a licensed clinician. Contact the office to learn more. 

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