Bulletin Announcements | 9.11.22


Please remember the following church family members in your prayers:

  • Glenn A
  • Terry B
  • Paul & Christopher G
  • Jose & Kathy F
  • David Hoekstra
  • Carol P
  • Bill S
  • Ron S
  • Linda VDH
  • Lois VH
  • Bennett VV
  • Service members Josh P, Brian S, Steph W

Please remember to pray for, call & visit our church family members who cannot be with us for in-person worship. They are Pat C, Jan R, Fannie T, Lois VH & Thelma W.

Prayer Corner: Following the Stream of Living Water | Man’s Longing
“There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells.” Psalm 46:4

Sunday services are livestreamed on YouTube at 9:30 am.

This week we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper & celebrate & commission our discipleship workers for the year ahead. We will begin a new sermon series called “Jesus at the Table.” We will focus on some of the many times Jesus eats with others in the gospel of Luke & what that means for the church who is Jesus’ body & presence in our world today.

Peru Ministry: This Sunday we will have the opportunity to hear more of what God is doing at Iglesias Genesis (Spanish for ‘Genesis Church’) in Peru where our youth served this summer. They will be sharing in the multi-purpose room after the service.

Next week we will celebrate the beginning of a new year of discipleship & mission with a special worship service filled with praise, thanks & commitment. Come ready to celebrate God’s grace & commit to a season of growth.

The Deacons are implementing a change in how we count the weekly deposits. To provide more consistency to our counting process, we will utilize a counting committee made up of three church members. The committee will continue to meet & count weekly, so your checks will be deposited weekly as you’ve been accustomed to. All the same privacy measures will be taken to ensure as much anonymity in the giving process as possible. Our hope is this will free up the deacons to interact & fellowship with members of their district on Sunday mornings. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your district deacon.


The CRC has a digital library which gives its churches & members free online access to hundreds of Faith Alive titles including curricula, Bible studies & more! As part of this program, everyone in our church has convenient access to these resources at any time, from anywhere, on any web-connected device. Visit crcna.org/Library to get all the details & to sign up.

Tuesday Morning Mom’s Group
Every other Tuesday morning, moms of all ages meet to encourage each other & grow in our walks as parents. Sometimes we have speakers, sometimes we fellowship & craft. Find all the info & sign up here, or connect with Jenni Timmer!

Tuesday Evening Bible Study
Ladies – sign up in the Fellowship Room for the evening Women’s Bible study, “Angels and Demons”. You do not need a book, there isn’t lesson preparation, just grab your Bible & show up. How easy is that?! If you have any questions, contact the office.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study
Dive deeper into Scripture weekly with us as we work through Kristi McClelland’s The Gospel on the Ground: The Grit and Glory of the Early Church in Acts. Find all the info & sign up here, or connect with Jenni Timmer.


Gym Ministry Introduction: What an amazing gift our gym is! And yet so under utilized for ministry. So Providence is beginning a new outreach-focused gym ministry this year. We will need people with gym-friendly passions to organize & develop these ministries. If you are interested in hearing more, please come to a meeting in the multi-purpose room on Sunday, September 18, at 11am. See you there!


Check your church mailboxes this Sunday for a form to fill out to offer your help making meals, doing yard work, or providing rides to people in need within our church family. 

Ladies, please join us for a night of crafting this Friday, September 16 at 6 pm. Take along your scrapbooking, card making, or knitting! Snacks to share are also a great idea. Please enter through the ‘B’ doors by the gym. Any questions? Ask Laura Greenwood (616-309-3951).

GROW NIGHT is coming! This fall we will be replacing what was called our Refuel night with a GROW night on the evenings Cadets & GEMS meet. Look forward to not just a meal but some extra fun & fellowship.

CAN YOU HELP? Each year, Bible League Volunteer ambassadors send out a special fundraising letter to their church members. Find your letter in your church mailbox on Sunday. Each $5 donated will put a Bible or a Bible study into the hands of someone who will grow in Christ. Prayerfully consider how you might help. Make checks out to Bible League, put it in the envelope provided, and place it in Ellie DV’s church mailbox by next Sunday, September 18. Thank you!

HAVE EXTRA YARN? If you have yarn laying around & would like to donate it, Hook, Needles & Yarn can put to it good use by making prayer shawls for those in need. Contact the office (office@providence-crc.org) if you have yarn to donate.

Bulletin announcements are due by noon on Thursdays. You can call them in (616-698-7930), email them to the church office, or write a note & drop it in Keri Penning’s mailbox in the copy machine room.

If you have a church expense that needs reimbursing, please use the forms located on the left side of the church mailboxes. Before turning them into accountant Carol DeVries, all reimbursement requests need to first be approved by the Director responsible for the budget line being expensed. If you have any questions, call deacon Eric Timmer or Carol DeVries.

REVIVE  |  Open AA meetings are held at 7 pm in the loft on Mondays & Wednesdays. Enter via door B by the gym & contact Steve Huizinga with any questions (616-299-8809). 

Freedom Opportunity Reminder: We at Providence are blessed with a ministry to help us maintain & grow in our freedom in Christ. We have both a men’s & women’s freedom team who are trained to help us gently & prayerfully seek the Spirit’s help to live free. They will meet with individuals who are taken through a process of seeking the Spirit’s help to search their hearts & deal with any past or present sins that are hindering & limiting their freedom in Christ. The meeting is completely confidential. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the office (616-698-7930, office@providence-crc.org). You can also find more information at the Set Free Ministries website at setfreemin.org. You will not regret seeking freedom.


With a new school season starting, our H2H ministry is gearing up to be ready to help the students at Glenwood with food for the weekend. We don’t know how many students we will be helping yet, but we will let you know later this month. THANK YOU for the generous donations over the summer months in the offering plates, it is the monetary boost we needed to start off this year. 

Volunteers are needed for packing. Packing will start on Wednesday, September 28, at 4:30 pm. Please use this SignUpGenius link to sign up. Once we get to November, our packing will be on the same Wednesday night schedule as the GROW suppers. Packing is an hour commitment & it is easy, so we hope to see many of you sign up. We love it when families sign up to do it together. 



SUICIDE PREVENTION |  Having suicidal thoughts does not mean someone is weak. Those suffering from feelings of hopelessness need support, care & professional guidance. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you are worried because it might save their life. If you have questions about how to talk to them, we are here for you. Contact the office (616-698-7930 or office@providence-crc.org) to learn more.

If this is a crisis, please contact any of these resources:

  • 1-800-442-0809 (CAP Hotline)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – English: 1-800-273-8255; Spanish: 1-888-628-9454
  • Crisis Text line – Text HOME to 741741 

Find this week’s & next week’s volunteers here!

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