Bulletin Announcements | 8.28.22


Please remember the following church family members in your prayers:

  • Glenn A
  • Terry B
  • Paul & Christopher G
  • Jose & Kathy F
  • Kevin N
  • Carol P
  • Bill S
  • Ron S
  • Linda VDH
  • Lois VH
  • Service members Josh P, Brian S, Steph W

Remember to check the prayer line to hear prayer requests for those in our church family & community, & to find out who is having a birthday. Just dial 616-871-9600!

Prayer Corner: Following the Stream of Living Water | Healing
“…But streams came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground.” (Genesis 2:6)

Sunday services are livestreamed on YouTube at 9:30 am.

This week we will claim God’s promises in baptism for Cole S. We will hear God speak from Ecclesiastes 11 on some uncommon but freedom-enhancing wisdom that comes from admitting what we don’t know.

Evening Worship! We will gather at 5 pm this Sunday for a service of singing the Psalms. The Psalms is God’s inspired prayer book that gives direction on how to express our hearts to him in ways that honor him & bless us.

Next week, we will hear God speak from Ecclesiastes 11 & 12 on the wisdom of living old when we are young.


ATTN MEN  |  Wednesday morning Bible study is taking a break & will restart September 7!


Check out these great opportunities coming this fall!

TUESDAY MORNING MOM’S GROUP  |  Every other Tuesday morning, moms of all ages meet to encourage each other & grow in our walks as parents. Sometimes we have speakers, sometimes we fellowship & craft. Find all the info & sign here, or connect with Jenni Timmer!

TUESDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDY  |  How many times are angels mentioned in the Bible? Are there different “kinds” of angels with different jobs? Are some more important than others? Join us for a series of discussions as we work through these questions & many, many more. We will meet every other Tuesday, beginning September 27. Contact the office for more information!

WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY  |  Dive deeper into Scripture weekly with us as we work through Kristi McClelland’s The Gospel on the Ground: The Grit and Glory of the Early Church in Acts. Find all the info & sign up here, or connect with Jenni Timmer.

 SAVE THE DATE  |  October15 – Fall kickoff night!


Tom & Jill M wish to thank the congregation for their prayers, thoughts & visits during the recent home going of Tom’s mother.

GROW NIGHT is coming! This fall we will be replacing what was called Refuel night with a GROW night on the evenings that Cadets & GEMS meet. Look forward to not just a meal but some extra fun & fellowship.

REVIVE  |  Open AA meetings are held at 7 pm in the loft on Mondays & Wednesdays. Enter via door B by the gym & contact Steve Huizinga with any questions (616-299-8809).

CONFERENCE OPPORTUNITY  |  On Friday, September 16, Bible League Volunteers will host a conference for men & women on The Power of the Word. Widowed at the age of 33, Sarah Schieber will share her story of healing through God’s unfailing love. You will also be inspired by how God uses Bible League ministry to break through spiritual darkness & transform lives around the world through His Word. Registration ($25-$37) is online & closes September 6.



FOR PARENTS OF KIDS GOING TO COLLEGE IN THE FALL   |  Transitioning to college is a huge adjustment. For parents, it can be difficult to know how to best help your soon-to-be-college-student during this challenging time, especially when the school is far away from home. Members of Providence can receive help navigating the next chapter of your child’s journey in a way that is best for your mental health & theirs. Contact the office (616-698-7930 or office@providence-crc.org) to learn more!

Find this week’s & next week’s volunteers here!

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