Bulletin Announcements | 7.17.22


On July 18, the 4:12 Peru crew departs until July 26. Please pray for safety for the team & for servant hearts, team chemistry & eyes to see exactly what God wants to do in & through us during this time. 

The team: Seth B, Austin & Megan DV, Ashley & Madilyn H, Jeff H, Lily & Steve H, Morgan K, Chris & Julia M, Nolan P, Amber, Bruce, Felicity, Faith, Natalie & Jackson VV, Katie W.

Please remember the following church family members in your prayers:

  • Glenn A
  • Terry B
  • Paul & Christopher G
  • Jose & Kathy F
  • Carol P
  • Bill S
  • Linda VDH
  • Lois VH
  • Service members Josh P, Brian S, Steph W

Please remember to pray for & reach out to our missionaries. They are the Grimbergs, Lees, Martins, Neeleys, Spalinks & Wrays.

Prayer Corner
“Through the victories you gave, his glory is great; you have bestowed on him splendor and majesty.” (Psalm 21:5)

Sunday services are livestreamed on YouTube at 9:30 am.

We will hear & celebrate the profession of faith of Olivia H. We will continue a series of messages called “Living Wisely,” working through the book of Ecclesiastes. This week we consider the beginning of chapter 5 & God’s call to listening & self awareness.

We will continue a series of messages called “Living Wisely,” working through the book of Ecclesiastes. Next week we consider the end of chapter 5 & God’s call to be aware of one of life’s most compelling & dangerous pitfalls.

Traditional CRC Service of Days Gone By: Worship in every church in every time across different cultures has always been a unique expression of God’s people. Jesus calls for a “spirit and truth worship” that pleases God. He offers no defined liturgy (order for worship) but over time every church develops one. Many of us who grew up in the CRC remember a worship liturgy that was pretty close to the same in every CRC from California to Maine & Washington to Florida. Next Sunday evening, we are going to use a form of that traditional liturgy to worship together. It will offer some of us a nostalgic experience of the past & some of us a window into that past. Our goal will be the same as it is today in our present worship: “to bring glory and thanks to God that honors Him and blesses his people.” But unlike the past, we will serve & enjoy some ice cream together after the service.


The Cadets thank everyone for their continued support through pop can donations. As a reminder, we have a convenient donation box next to the Paper Gator in our back parking lot & accept all MI returnable bottles/cans. Or, if you have a large amount to donate but prefer someone pick them up, call the office to be connected with the head Cadet counselor.

The CRC has a digital library which gives its churches & members free online access to hundreds of Faith Alive titles including curricula, Bible studies & more! As part of this program, everyone in our church has convenient access to these resources at any time, from anywhere, on any web-connected device. Contact the church office (616-698-7930) to get all the details & to sign up.


PLEASE JOIN US – VOTING DISCUSSION  |  The primary elections are scheduled for Tuesday, August 2. Do you still have your absentee ballot? Are you voting in person? Do you want to discuss the ballot & the privilege of voting? Meet with Dan N & Crys O at 11 am on Sunday, July 24, in the multi-purpose room for a discussion.

DIRECTORY UPDATE  |  Doug & Laura G no longer have their landline; please remove it from your hard copy directories.

CHURCH CAMPOUT  |  The church campout is set for September 23-25 at Dunes Harbor. The church campout is set for September 23-25 at Dunes Harbor. Sites will be held until THIS MONDAY (July 18) when the booking block expires. Get the link for booking your camp site at the church office (call 616-698-7930 or email office@providence-crc.org).

FROM THE DEACONS  |  Giving statements for the first 6 months of 2022 are in your mailboxes, please check yours over carefully. If you have any questions about your statement, you may contact your district deacon or one of the council deacons (Ben K, Eric T or Kyle W).

MAILBOXES  |  Just a reminder to check your mailboxes at church; while much of our communication is done via email, there are still some items placed in your boxes. Thanks!

REVIVE  |  Open AA meetings are held at 7 pm in the loft on Mondays & Wednesdays. Enter via door B by the gym & contact Steve Huizinga with any questions (616-299-8809).



RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE | Are you feeling guilty, helpless or overwhelmed by your drinking or substance use? Feel like your life would be better if you stopped? We are here for you. Member of Providence have access to free, compassionate & confidential support. Contact the office (616-698-7930 or office@providence-crc.org) to learn more.


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