Bulletin Announcements | 4.24.22


Please remember the following church family members in your prayers:

  • Glenn A
  • Terry B
  • Paul & Christopher G
  • Sierra & Skylar G
  • Julie K
  • Jose & Kathy F
  • Linda VDH
  • Lois VDW
  • Ken VL
  • Lois VG
  • Jay & Jan V
  • Service members Josh P, Brian S, Steph W

Remember to check the prayer line to hear prayer requests for those in our church family & community, and to find out who is having a birthday. Just dial 616-871-9600.

Prayer Corner
“For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.” (Ephesians 1:4)

Sunday services are livestreamed on YouTube at 9:30 am.

In the morning we will thank God for those who have served and install those recently selected to be elders and deacons. We will also begin a new series of messages called “You Matter!” We will look at some of the women of the Bible who from the world’s perspective didn’t matter. But God sees them & us totally differently than the world does. This week we will consider Hagar.

In the evening we will gather as a church family to pray for our church & its ministry in the fellowship hall.  Come & join in the opportunity to pray first & pray often.

In the morning Dr. Jeff Weima, a Professor of New Testament at Calvin Seminary, will lead us in hearing God’s word. 

In the evening we will gather as a church family to watch & discuss the sixth video in the second season of The Chosen series called “Unlawful.” In this episode we find our struggle to understand how God’s law & grace are both essential parts of following Jesus. We also see our struggle to trust God’s mysterious sovereign plan. Come be inspired by a real-life drama of Jesus’ ministry among people just like us.

Thursday, April 28, is Providence’s turn to pray all day in conjunction with the West Michigan Prays 24/7 initiative. If you’d like to claim a spot, please add your name to the list by emailing your name & preferred half-hour window to office@providence-crc.org. Even if a time slot has already been filled, choose whichever works best for you!

Members of Providence with children in a Christian school are eligible to receive tuition assistance from the Christian Education Ministry Fund. In order to receive assistance for the 2022-23 school year, please print & fill out the Christian Education Ministry form found here. The form must be returned to Justin Gritter by May 15. *If you do not need assistance in the amount available, we ask that you either opt out of receiving assistance or give back to the CEM fund.



Providence is hosting a Drive-In Prayer Event on Thursday, May 5 (National Day of Prayer), from 11:30 am-1 pm & 4-5:30 pm. This is an opportunity for our community & a way for us to connect with them for any prayer needs. Please start praying over this event! Pray for people to feel comfortable & safe to share their requests with our prayer warriors, for the Spirit to move & for connections to be made.

We’d love some input from the congregation before finalizing Refuel details for next fall! Here’s a quick survey!

The Reverse Garage Sale is coming up on May 21! For information on what a Reverse Garage Sale is, check out our Facebook event! 



On May 2, from 2-8 pm, we will be working with Versiti Blood Centers to help make our church & community an actual “Life Saving Station.” With rapid sickness affecting so many people, blood supplies are on a day-to-day basis. It takes every able-bodied individual capable of giving blood to step into the gap to be a life changer & life saver. Would you like to know more? Connect with the office (office@providence-crc.org or 616-698-7930) for more info,  or visit www.versiti.org. Donations are preferred by appointment but walk-ins are welcome. Choose your time & schedule your appointment online. If we fill up all the slots, DON’T PANIC! That just means Versiti will need to schedule more staff to open up more seats! They LOVE IT when this happens. Every pint of blood helps to save three lives & the whole process usually takes less than 45 minutes. 

Please contact Jan B if you notice kitchen staples or cleaning supplies running low in either kitchen (or start a list & leave it on the counter dated & addressed to Jan). If you need specialty spices, etc, for meal prep for Refuel or events, you will most likely need to purchase these – though checking the kitchens first might be wise. If you have any questions OR if you need to be trained to use the commercial dishwasher in the new kitchen, please contact Jan. Thanks!

Open AA meetings are held at 7 pm in the loft on Mondays & Wednesdays. Enter via door B by the gym & contact Steve Huizinga with any questions (616-299-8809).

As we approach the spring season, we will follow these recommendations when severe weather occurs:
🗸 Severe Thunderstorm Watch/Warning in effect prior to a meeting: The person who convenes the gathering will use his/her own discretion in deciding whether to cancel. Church services will not be canceled.
🗸 Tornado Watch/Warning in effect one hour prior to a meeting: The church service or meeting will be canceled.
🗸 Tornado Watch issued during the church service or meeting: The Elders have arranged for a member of the congregation to monitor a weather channel for news of a tornado watch, who will inform any Elder. The Elder will interrupt the service & notify the Pastor, who will dismiss the people immediately.
🗸 Tornado Warning issued during the church service or meeting: An Elder will interrupt the service & notify the Pastor, who will dismiss the service immediately. Worshipers have the option to go home if they choose, or sit along one of the inside walls of the fellowship hall.

Our families, community, country & world need prayer, now more than ever! Please join us for a prayer service on May 5 at 7 pm in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer. Everyone is invited for this community-wide service held at South Grandville Church (4130 Wilson Avenue, Grandville). Areas of prayer will include government, military, media & business, education, church & families. If you have any questions, please call the church at 616-532-5413 or email worshipleader@southgrandvillechurch.org.



As our world continues to grapple with uncertainty, it becomes increasingly difficult to not fall back on addictive behaviors. Have you been drinking more than you’d like? If you are dealing with strong cravings or relapse, confidential & compassionate help is available. Members of Providence have acccess to free support. Call the office for more details (616-698-7930).


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